The Used Truck Association has tapped Dan Baker as its keynote speaker during its Annual Convention Nov. 4-7, in San Antonio, Texas
. Baker is a nationally known speaker, teacher, and consultant to the trucking industry. He travels extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada, working with more than 300 trucking companies of all sizes and types.

Baker, who is also called the "Friend of the Trucker," is known for his jokes and one-liners that lead to insight. In his speeches, he tends to focus on the people side of the trucking industry.

"I don't deal with you in terms of what you're really like," Dan said in a UTA newsletter. "I deal with you in terms of how I perceive you to be. We invite the treatment we get, we teach others how to treat us, and if we don't manage how others perceive us, they will manage it for us."

Baker will be hosting a game-show style event while on stage.

"Dan Baker will be like a breath of fresh air when you've been 24/7 working to survive in these challenging times in our used truck market," said Eddie Walker, UTA president emeritus. "You will come away with a different outlook and with a better perspective on how to meet the challenges we all encounter. Dan will remind us how simple life can be and helps us realize how we surprise ourselves."

Baker will arrive in San Antonio a day early to visit with members of the UTA.

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