Rep. Gary Peters held an energy roundtable recently, focusing on fuel-efficient vehicles and technologies
. Speakers included Bob McKenna, president and CEO of the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association, and Carol Browner, President Obama's White House energy advisor.

"Discussions like these are critical to moving forward on technology that will improve vehicle fuel efficiency," McKenna said. "Parts suppliers are essential to the development of new products and we are very pleased to be working with both Congress and the Administration on efforts to move these technologies forward."

The speakers also addressed the impact of implementing these technologies on manufacturers and suppliers. The conversation also touched on federal programs that would assist and legislation that would improve existing programs.

McKenna voiced MEMA's support for the Advanced Vehicle Technology Act, introduced by Peters, which would authorize federal research and development activities at the Department of Energy for advanced passenger car technologies and for medium- and heavy-duty commercial truck technologies. The legislation would focus on both near-term and long-range technologies that will improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, support domestic research and manufacturing, and lead to greater consumer choice of vehicle technologies and fuels. The bill calls for collaboration between the DOE and several industries to carry out the research.

During the roundtable, McKenna also urged Congress to consider incentives for consumers to perform essential repair and maintenance to their vehicles to improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions.

Following the roundtable, there was a product demonstration that featured vehicles with the latest fuel-efficient technology for passenger cars and commercial trucks.