As a result of the Port of Long Beach's Clean Trucks Program, 52 percent of the container cargo was hauled by 2007 model or newer trucks for the week ending July 21
. These clean trucks are already meeting the 2012 requirements under the Clean Trucks Program.

The Port of Long Beach's recent Truck Activity Report showed that out of the 4,014 average trucks per day servicing the port, 1,665 are compliant, second to the 1,771 trucks that are model year 1994-2003. However, the compliant trucks accounted for over half of last week's moves, compared to 36 percent of the moves being represented by the '94-'03 models.

In addition, since February of this year, the percent of total moves by truck year has been steadily increasing for the '07 and newer trucks, while the percent has been dropping for the '94-'03 trucks. As of April, the total number of compliant trucks in the DTR was about 4,300, versus 4,900 compliant trucks in July.

According to the activity report, most of the moves, 96 percent, were powered by diesel, while only 3 percent used natural gas.