The National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission has recognized Louis Dreyfus and Blackhawk Biofuels as BQ-9000 biodiesel producers as well as West Coast Reduction as a BQ-9000 marketer.

Large fleets and fuel distributors are writing BQ-9000 into fuel purchasing agreements, according to Gary Haer, vice president of sales and marketing for Blackhawk Biofuels' parent company, REG.

"There's no question that today the petroleum industry is demanding biodiesel from BQ-9000 producers," Haer said. "This BQ-9000 producer status is the ultimate reward for the staff who operate this facility and the technology team who brought recent manufacturing upgrades to completion."

BQ-9000 is a voluntary fuel accreditation program overseen by the NBAC and adopted by the National Biodiesel Board and the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association. The program covers storage, sampling, testing, blending, shipping, distribution and fuel management practices.

"We continue to see new companies strive to become certified as one of their first acts," said Leland Tong, chairman of NBAC. "It is an excellent sign that the newest members of the biodiesel industry immediately recognize the importance of delivering a high-quality product."

Other facilities that have received recognition include Imperium Renewables, Scott Petroleum, Wilson Fuel Co. and Direct Fuels. There are currently 34 biodiesel production facilities certified as producers under the program and 17 certified as marketers.