Peterbilt added its Model 335 medium-duty hybrid electric tractor to its family of hybrid vehicles eligible for federal tax credit.
The credit of up to $9,000 from the Department of Treasury's heavy manufacturing and transportation group can be applied to the Peterbilt Model 335 hybrid class 7 tractors based on its verified fuel savings gains of up to 40 percent.

The company says the Model 335 hybrid electric tractor is Ideally suited for applications such as beverage and regional-haul deliveries that require a trailer. It uses Eaton's Hybrid Electric Power System with an electric motor that assists the Paccar PX-6 engine with supplemental torque. The system stores energy during stopping through a process called regenerative braking, and then reuses it for acceleration. Fuel use, emissions and noise are greatly reduced.

In addition to the Eaton Hybrid Electric Power System, the Model 335 hybrid electric tractor features the in-dash 7-inch Paccar proprietary Hybrid System Monitor. The hybrid display provides real-time information to the driver regarding fuel economy, battery charge, and power, and allows the driver to modify driving behavior to maximize fuel efficiency through use of the system. The display also provides full diagnostic capabilities for the hybrid system including system operating status.

Peterbilt's production hybrids include the Model 330 hybrid electric as a non-CDL option for short haul pick-up and delivery applications, and the Model 335 hybrid electric for pick-up and delivery, beverage applications and municipal and utility operations.

Information on Peterbilt's full-range of production hybrid and aerodynamic vehicles eligible for federal tax credits are listed at These incentives total more than $45,000 available across five Peterbilt hybrid models for 2010.