Florilli Transportation has set up a pilot program with Xata to test the company's navigation system running on its TREQ-L and TREQ-M4 screens. The carrier has also renewed its contract with Xata for the MobileMax fleet operations solution.

Florilli will try out and evaluate Xata's navigation system in trucks for about 60 days, when the carrier will then decide whether to outfit the entire fleet. This would be the carrier's first foray into in-cab navigation. According to Xata, Florilli wants to reduce out-of-route miles, improve driver safety and achieve better driver retention and recruiting.

Iowa-based Florilli uses MobileMax in-cab communications for sending and receiving driver messages, load information and driver and vehicle data. MobileMax automatically switches between cellular- and satellite-based communications networks, depending on truck location, network availability and cost.

"It is crucial that we have the ability to communicate with our drivers quickly and easily, and MobileMax provides that ability," said Murry Fitzer, CEO of Florilli. "With our fleet dispersed throughout the United States, hourly tracking information is equally critical, and it serves as a vital data feed to our monitoring tools and reporting systems."

"MobileMax's reporting also supplies us with valuable engine data that helps us mitigate excessive idle time, improve our fleet's fuel economy and keep our fleet properly maintained," Fitzer said. "This type of data helps drive our overall fleet optimization."

For more information, visit www.xata.com.