Truckers can now listen to Sirius XM Radio's news and talk channel for trucking, Road Dog, on the iPhone and iPod Touch, as Apple has just recently added the service.

Users can download a free application from the Apple App Store to access the Sirius channel, in addition to 120 additional channels of sports, talk, entertainment, news, comedy and commercial-free music. Sirius XM's expanded Internet content will also be included.

Listeners with an Internet subscription will have access to programming including MLB Home Plate, Sirius NFL Radio, NHL Home Ice and PGA Tour, to name a few. Commercial-free music includes Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour and Tom Petty's Buried Treasure, as well as 24/7 music channels such as Bruce Springsteen's E Street Radio and The Grateful Dead Channel.

Additional features of the application include purchasing a song while it is being played or tagging favorites, saving Internet channels through a "favorites" function and viewing the current channel as well as what is playing on other available channels.

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