Computrol Fuel Systems has developed a new fuel control system, the Fleet 100, a lower-cost system for smaller fleet operators.
Fleet 100 is designed for small operations that want to justify fuel usage and tighten security but do not require sophisticated fuel reporting and invoicing, Computrol says.

"Our staff engineers have developed the new Fleet 100 to serve a growing need for an economical fuel system for customers with smaller fleets," said Chris Snelgrove, national sales manager.

The Fleet 100 uses the same cabinet, keypad, card reader and display as the Fleet 300, allowing for easy retrofitting to the Fleet 300 and the C6000, the company's flagship product. The new unit will serve owners of fleet sizes up to 100 vehicles, the company says.

The unit includes a reference manual with commissioning details, as well as 25 of the pre-programmed Computrol Coil Fleet Cards. Customers can purchase additional cards in packs of 25. The model comes in either one or two pump systems.

The system is compatible with Computrol's optional "ProFuel" software, but advanced management software is not required. Customers can use data reporting software such as Windows HyperTerminal, which typically can be obtained for free.

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