ChemLogix has recently purchased 20 new ISO tank containers in an effort to grow its BulkTainer intermodal business.
The company will use the tanks for shipping bulk liquids long distances by combining both truck and rail modes of transport.

"The combination of lower rates and the shift towards more environmentally friendly business practices is making intermodal transportation a more attractive alternative to over-the-road tank trucks," said Stephen Hamilton, managing director at ChemLogix. "While our current clients realize the benefits of shipping via intermodal, the word is getting out to the few shippers that don't already utilize this service."

According to Hamilton, one intermodal train can remove up to 280 trucks off the highways. "We stress modal shifts to our customers to help save on transportation costs," he added.

Built for the North American market, the ISO tanks that ChemLogix uses are lightweight and produced with U.S. fittings, the company says.

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