Hammond Air Conditioning joins the ranks of the EPA's SmartWay program for its Arctic Breeze Truck AC systems.
The air conditioning system, which was designed for the trucking industry in 2007, has been named an environmentally "smart" transportation technology.

Through 12-volt battery technology, the cooling system runs without using power from the truck engine or from an auxiliary power unit. The battery recharges while the truck is operating.

Arctic Breeze offers 8000 Btu of cooling and draws 45 amps from 6 AGM glass mat truck batteries. It also features a low voltage cut-out switch to prevent draining the starting batteries.

Hammond received the SmartWay designation for reducing engine emissions while the truck is stopped with the "no-idle" system.

"This system will give fleets the opportunity to provide their drivers with a good night's sleep and enjoy substantial fuel savings at the same time," according to Jeff Lemon, president of Hammond Air Conditioning.

The EPA introduced the SmartWay program in 2004 to recognize products and companies that help to reduce transportation-related emissions. As a SmartWay-recognized "no-idle" solution, purchases of the Arctic Breeze Truck AC are also exempted from U.S. Federal Excise Tax.