The Xantrex Freedom XC works with both traditional batteries and Lithium-ion batteries. - Photo: Zantrex

The Xantrex Freedom XC works with both traditional batteries and Lithium-ion batteries.

Photo: Zantrex

International Trucks is now offering the Xantrex Freedom XC 1800W pure sine-wave inverter/charger as a factory option. The new option means longer surge power and “clean” electricity that is consistent, no spikes or drops in power, allowing sensitive medical devices like CPAP machines to be used.

“More than 75% of sleeper units are now being spec’d with inverters or inverter/chargers and that number continues to grow,” said Mitul Chandrani, vice president of marketing for Mission Critical Electronics, the parent company of Xantrex. “It’s an AC-world in trucks these days — powering microwaves, laptops, medical devices, and power tools.”

According to Chandrani, the Freedom XC provides 1,800 watts of power, along with 4,000 watts of surge power for a two-second duration. He said that allows high-draw devices to be used, without fear of shutting down the inverter.

The Freedom XC comes with an 80-amp built-in 3-stage battery charger, allowing for rapid battery charging when plugged into shore power. Xantrex also uses a 30-amp relay, which quickly senses the change in the power source and transfers the load virtually uninterrupted.

Drivers can monitor the current status of the truck’s electrical system thanks to Freedom XC’s display panel that is mounted in the sleeper. It shows the AC and battery current, plus has a status bar displaying the percent of inverter output.

While the Xantrex Freedom XC works in unison with traditional batteries, it was also designed to work with and recharge Lithium-ion batteries. 

“Li-ion batteries offer more power in a compact size and can be discharged to lower levels than traditional gel or lead acid batteries,” said Chandrani. “It’s a great combination, especially if you want to use an engine-off HVAC solution.”

Xantrex inverters are UL458-certified, the highest rating in the industry, according to the company.

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