In the second of its three-part webinar series on navigating the economic downturn, the Truckload Carriers Association will focus on the legal aspects of downsizing Thursday, April 30.

Layoffs, job elimination, and pay cuts are vital cost-saving tools during an economic down turn, but they can also open up a carrier to costly litigation. "The Legal Aspects of Downsizing/Reductions in Force," the second session in TCA's "Navigating the Storm" series, will help you identify potential areas of liability and provide key strategies for avoiding them.

Participants will come away with answers to such questions as:
* How can my company minimize its liability if it executes a layoff?
* Can my company lay off an employee who is on FMLA or Workers' Compensation leave?
* Is my company's liability release valid under the ADEA?
* What effect will union representation have on my company's decision to implement cost-saving measures?
* Are there any alternatives to a layoff that might be better for my company?

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