123Loadboard and ZUUM state that this integration will enhance the ability of 3PL providers...

123Loadboard and ZUUM state that this integration will enhance the ability of 3PL providers to manage their freight moving business at advanced levels and increase profitability.

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Freight matching marketplace 123Loadboard and ZUUM Unified Logistics Platform have joined forces to provide an integration of services to expand capacity for ZUUM’s customers and in the future allow digital freight-booking for 123Loadboard’s carriers.

This integration will give ZUUM’s 3PL customers the ability to showcase their freight on 123Loadboard and use the services to identify suitable contacts and equipment types for their featured freight. In the future, 3PLs will experience carriers using automated digital ‘book now’ capability in real time to arrange the movement of their freight. Beside loads and trucks, 3PLs will be able to access rates, documents, mileage, and routing along with other services readily available within the integration.

“This type of integration will allow 3PL customers to transform their capacity management as they will be able to sync freight details like quotes and carrier profile data from 123Loadboard to ZUUM,” said Loarn Metzen, vice president of 123Loadboard, in a press release. “They will be able to extract information from both services thereby improving their workflow efficiency and speeding up the freight-moving process.”

Through 123Loadboard’s freight matching platform, this integration will allow ZUUM to offer automated digital freight booking to help its 3PL customers secure capacity with minimal effort and enable them to move loads faster. Using ZUUM, 3PLs will also have access to freight details for tens of thousands of carriers for enhanced capacity management.

“Leveraging the power of this integration with the 123Loadboard platform, ZUUM members can focus on further managing capacity using the upcoming truck searching and rate connectivity solutions to streamline their freight-moving process, said Mustafa Azizi, CEO of ZUUM. "As a technology TMS company, ZUUM sees load boards as our partners and sees them as a value add. TMS and digital brokerages should understand that load boards are our friends.”

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