DriverTech, designers of the DT4000 TruckPC announced an exclusive agreement with iCooper Inc. of Washougal, Washington.
The developers of Simply Intelligent Mobile Applications that utilize iPhone and other handheld mobile devices, iCooper will design and develop enterprise management solutions for DriverTech customers. The exclusive partnership will extend the capabilities of the DriverTech onboard system by creating a handheld interface and integrated, untethered applications for fleets with 500 or more trucks, defined by the parties as Super Fleets.

"Our agreement with iCooper will bring new leading edge solutions to our customers that extend the benefits of the TruckPC beyond current tethered platforms," said Scott Lemon, vice president of sales for DriverTech. "DriverTech and iCooper will leverage their respective core capabilities to design, engineer, test and integrate products for the truck market that will assist fleets in managing their operations more productively, effectively and efficiently. Together we will provide a platform that will bring the driver, truck, fleet and its customers together through advanced portable applications that can be easily integrated"

The baseline iCooper application that will be used for development efforts in partnership with DriverTech is called iOTR. The solution utilizes the iPhone as a data collection tool to support the activities of mobile professionals. The planned integrated offerings will enable the creation of an untethered mobile LAN (local Area Network) to capture and automatically synchronize delivery, truck, driver and customer data wirelessly or through an in-cab docking device.

"This partnership is about combining technology and offering over-the-road, delivery and specialty fleets a truly valuable interface between DriverTech's onboard system and enterprise management applications that we develop for handheld devices," said Jared S. Oviatt, COO at iCooper. "DriverTech's proven onboard technology and the computing power of the iPhone will allow us to create specific customer driven networks that give carriers and shippers instant visibility into their operations, enhancing their productivity and efficiency."