AmeriQuest Transportation Services will bring together top-ranking executives representing the private fleet, truckload carrier, and rental and leasing sectors of the transportation industry at its annual Transportation Industry Symposium April 16-18 in Orlando, Fla.

An intensive three-day conference, the AmeriQuest Transportation Industry Symposium provides industry executives with exceptional opportunities for networking with fellow leaders and hearing expert speakers lead discussions on topics that will have a major impact on guiding their companies in the future.

Highlights of some of the topics that speakers and panels will discuss in an open forum are:

* The Current State and Future of Capital Markets - Focus on equity, debt, and leasing.
* Supply Management - Technology's role in taking cost out of the chain.
* Business Sustainability: Doing More with Less - A report on a study performed by the food industry, sponsored by The Coca-Cola Company.
* Economic Update - Focus on "where we are;" "where we are heading;" and "has the medicine started to work?"
* The United States Highway Infrastructure - This report will focus on what the stimulus package will accomplish and what impact other modes of transportation will have on the truck transportation industry.
* Labor Relations: Employee Free Choice Act - Among the many issues raised as a result of this bill is the issue of whether it will lead to the partial nationalization of all unionized firms, as well as what effect the bill have, if passed, on the economy and directly on transportation businesses.
* Tactics and Strategies for Managing Business in a Recession Environment - This will include suggestions from leaders of companies who are preparing themselves for the return of a good economy.

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