Barr-Nunn Transportation, Granger, Iowa, paid out more than $640,000 in appreciation bonuses to its drivers and owner-operators during 2008.

"We believe in proving our appreciation for our drivers all year long, not just once a year in August," said Jeff Blank, Barr-Nunn's director of recruiting.

Barr-Nunn company drivers earn a bonus of $625 and owner-operators earn $775 for every 60,000 paid miles. For company drivers that have been with Barr-Nunn over nine years, the payout is $925 every 60,000 paid miles.

Owner-operators receive $1,125 each 60,000 paid mile mark starting at 180,000 paid miles and each 60,000 mile mark thereafter. Company team drivers earn $1,850 each 60,000 paid miles ($925 to each driver).