Averitt Express is giving away a 2008 Smart Car and 20 $500 gas cards to associates in February through its "Smart Car for Smart Thinking" program.
Averitt Express will give away a Smart car.
Averitt Express will give away a Smart car.
Facilities eligible will need to show measured reductions in their use of resources such as fuel, water, electricity and paper.

Thousands of associates at Averitt's more than 100 facilities will be eligible to win the car and gas cards, but they must work as a team to be entered in the drawing. If a given team or facility reduces its resource use, everybody in that team or facility will be entered in the drawing.

When the event concludes, one randomly selected associate will win the Smart Car, a 40-mpg car sold through Mercedes-Benz dealers, while another 20 randomly selected associates will win one $500 gas card each.

As a charter member of the Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay Transport Partnership, Averitt has been taking several steps to go green. Since joining the SmartWay transport partnership in 2004, Averitt has saved an estimated 2.5 million gallons of diesel fuel and lowered carbon dioxide emissions by 26 percent.

More info: www.averittexpress.com/green