There’s little argument that 2020 was one of the most memorable years in recent memory: a worldwide pandemic, a resulting downturn of the economy, and a hotly contested presidential campaign. But as the pandemic begins to subside, the economy begins to recover, and a new administration pursues its agenda, fleet managers can start planning for the future instead of reacting to the present.

In this forward-looking webinar, conducted in collaboration with by Verizon Connect, a panel of experts will examine five hot topics fleet managers can expect to be on the industry’s radar in the coming year and beyond, including:

  1. How regulations—particularly related to the environment—will change fleet operations.
  2. Will we see a comprehensive infrastructure bill during this session of Congress?
  3. Why transportation safety will become a national priority.
  4. Is a federal fuel tax as a funding mechanism going to become a reality?
  5. Will there be a levelling of the playing field with uniform driver regulations replacing conflicting state and local laws?

A not-to-be-missed opportunity to prepare for what’s coming next today.