The Engine Manufacturers Association last week issued a statement affirming that its members are on schedule and ready to meet EPA's stringent 2010 emission standards for heavy-duty engines.

Engine manufacturers have invested heavily in engineering technological solutions and design changes to meet the new NOx emission standard that is required for 2010 model-year engines and see no technological barriers to meeting the standard, according to the association.

"All engine and vehicle manufacturers will have product available to meet the applicable emissions standards when 2010 models are introduced," said Jed Mandel, EMA President. "Engine manufacturers successfully brought compliant products to the market when the new emissions standards for PM and NOx were implemented in 2007, and our members are on track to meet the 2010 emissions standards as well. Fleet and truck owners can be confident that reliable, durable and fuel efficient vehicles meeting the 2010 emission standards will be available."

(Read more details about how engine makers will meet these standards in the December issue of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine.)