TravelCenters of America reaffirmed its plans to distribute the diesel exhaust fluid needed for most 2010 engines at all of its TA and Petro branded locations in 2009.

Small amounts of the urea solution are needed for engines using selective catalytic reduction, or SCR, to meet 2010 on-highway emissions regulations.

TA made the announcement in advance of its participation at the Diesel Exhaust Fluid Forum, to be held this week in San Diego.

"TA has been working with various business partners on DEF issues since 2003, long before SCR became the reality in the U.S. that it is today," said Tom Komos, TA's vice president of fuel supply. "SCR technology using DEF has been embraced by nearly every major engine manufacturer. Our work with these OEMs, as well as our fleet customers, urea producers and dispensing/delivery systems manufacturers, has intensified. SCR technology and DEF are a reality; TA has been and will remain committed to help ensure this greener, cleaner method of diesel engine operation is fully supported at 100 percent of our locations to coincide with the introduction of SCR equipped trucks for the 2010 model year."

Komos, a 20-year industry veteran and a chemical engineer, will be an expert speaker at the Diesel Exhaust Fluid Forum and will lead other panelists in a discussion entitled "DEF at the Truckstop."

DEF is expected to be available in every TA and Petro branded location. The timing of TA's rollout of product availability will coincide with the SCR/DEF-equipped engine rollout by engine manufacturers during 2009.

Like other truckstop operators, TA's plans cover a combination of various delivery methods, including on island bulk dispensers as well as top-off quantities available in bulk and in prepackaged containers.