Phoenix-based Swift Transportation Co. The company has chosen Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics as its comprehensive sleep apnea provider.

A 2007 project funded by the FMCSA entitled "Advanced Driver Fatigue Research" found clear indications that sleep disorders can have a significant impact on driver performance. Drivers who do not get enough sleep, have disruptive sleep patterns, or have diagnosed sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea, are at higher risk for crashes. The PPD program is aimed at identifying drivers with a high probability of sleep apnea and providing treatment, leading to improved driver health, and enhanced highway safety.

PPD will begin by screening Swift drivers using risk factors pointing to a higher probability of sleep apnea. The screening will use PPD's proprietary Web-based screening tool, Somni-Sage, to help identify which of its drivers may be candidates for diagnostic sleep testing and possible treatment.

"The safety and health of Swift drivers is of utmost importance to us," said Scott Barker, director of safety at Swift. "PPD's program to detect and treat sleep apnea in our drivers is the industry's most comprehensive program, one that will make the process easier for our drivers, limit downtime, and provide for the best coordination of care. We believe it will be a very positive health benefit to our drivers and will positively impact the safety of everyone on the road."

PPD will use its existing network of accredited labs to service the needs of Swift and its drivers.

Founded in 2005 by sleep specialist Mark B. Berger, M.D., Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics is committed to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea in commercial drivers/operators, resulting in improved driver health and safety and significant return on investment for their employer. PPD developed the first ever fleet-wide, Web-based screening tool for Schneider National.

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