The Executive Committee of the Transportation Trades Department, AFL-CIO, announced they plan to "educate transportation union members on Sen. John McCain's poor transportation record and Sen. Barack Obama's vision for a safe and expanded transportation system in America."

"The worst transportation presidency in modern history is coming to a close," said TTD President Edward Wytkind. "John McCain promises us four more years of the same: neglect, under-investment and a lack of leadership. Barack Obama wants to expand and rebuild our transportation system and will support and empower the men and women who operate, build and maintain it," he said.

TTD spent several months examining both candidate's record, and say the "difference between the two candidates is stark."

The union says its research shows McCain "doesn't understand the severe transportation investment gap that is threatening our economy - and routinely calls these crucial investments wasteful spending." The research also revealed his history of opposing job creation and collective bargaining rights of transportation workers.

"Barack Obama is the only candidate in this race talking about rebuilding our infrastructure, dealing with key safety and security issues, supporting the rights of workers, and creating jobs," Wytkind said. He also noted that Sen. Joe Biden, Obama's vice presidential running mate, is a longtime supporter of strengthening workers' rights, and advocates closing security gaps in our transportation system.