Commercial Motor Vehicle inspectors representing 52 jurisdictions across North America vied for the top spot at this year's North American Inspectors Championship in Houston, August 18-24.

This year, Daniel Slick, a CVSA-certified North American Standard Level I inspector from Wisconsin, was awarded the Jimmy K. Ammonds Grand Champion Award for his combined performances in seven competition elements including the North American Standard Level I Inspection, Level V Passenger Vehicle Inspection, and HAZMAT/Transportation of Dangerous Goods Inspection.

"CMV law enforcement officers are on the front line of highway safety," said Stephen Campbell, executive director of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. "NAIC is the only event dedicated to recognizing and rewarding commercial vehicle inspector excellence."

Award presenters included former CVSA president Jack Van Steenburg, now FMCSA director of the Office for Enforcement & Compliance, CVSA president Capt. John Harrison, and CVSA's Stephen Campbell. NAIC also has been recognized by the American Society of Association Executives as an event that "Advances America."

Other awards included:

• High Points United States: Daniel Slick - Wisconsin
• High Points Canada: Dan Armstrong - Ontario
• High Points Mexico: Jacobo Garcia - Mexico
• North American Standard Level I Inspection: 1. Monty Kinder - Colorado; 2. Daniel Slick - Wisconsin; 3.Brad Semeniuk - Alberta
• North American Standard Level V Passenger Vehicle Inspection: 1. Robert McNamara - North Dakota; 2. Monty Kinder - Colorado; 3. Paul Richardson - Michigan
• North American Standard Hazardous Materials/Transportation of Dangerous Goods & Cargo Tank/Bulk Packagings Inspection: 1. Daniel Slick - Wisconsin; 2. John Thompson - Virginia; 3. Frederick Heggestad - Arizona
• John Youngblood Award: Paul Richardson - Michigan
• Team Award: Gray Team: Avelino Martinez - Team Leader, James Canard - Arkansas, Brent Moore - Georgia, Elmer Hanson - Manitoba, William Keane - New York, Paul Sikorskyj - Rhode Island, John Thompson - Virginia