The Technology & Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Associations will hold its 2008 Fall Meeting, along with TMCSuperTech2008, Sept. 15-18 at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel & Nashville Convention Center.

The meeting theme, "Fleet Solutions through Adaptive Intelligence," will be highlighted through technical sessions designed to provide insight into efficiencies needed and available in a rapidly changing vehicle and business environment.

The meeting also kicks off a Class 8 Truck Users Forum series designed to serve as an information exchange between fleet managers and the Department of Defense. This session, "Operational Advantages of Condition-Based Maintenance," describes an alternate maintenance practice that detects causes or symptoms of a future failure early enough so that it can be managed cost effectively before breakdown occurs. CBM has gained acceptance in the military and industry, including information technology and aviation, and is now gaining interest in the commercial vehicle industry.

Technical sessions will cover "Progressive Developments in Trucking Industry-Enforcement Partnerships" and "Update on 2010 Engine and Emission Technologies."

Study Group technical sessions include:
• The Risks of Counterfeit, Knock-Off and noncompliant Components on Truck Electrical Systems;
• TMC Introduces New Radial Tire & Disc Wheel Service Manual;
• The Growing Problems of Nonconsensual Towing;
• Building Stopping Systems for the 21st Century;
• Impact of Regulations on North American Refrigerated Fleets;
• Introduction to Roadside Wireless Inspection Technology; and
• Performance of CJ-4 Oils in Light/Medium-Duty Trucks.

Fleet Operator's Forum, Fleet Talk and Shop Talk will again provide the opportunity for maintenance and equipment professionals to seek redress to equipment problems and exchange information related to equipment problems.

More than 90 Task Forces will continue to work on Recommended Practices. TMC's new Counterfeit Parts Task will begin work on creating an industry guide to help identify counterfeit parts. TMC's Corrosion Control Committee and Future Truck Committee will also meet.

In addition to TMCSuperTech2008, TMC's Professional Technician Development Committee is holding a Technician Training Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 17. The hands-on training sessions are designed for technicians, shop supervisors and fleet managers. Other TMC meeting attendees are also welcome to attend the training.

The training qualifies for National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation continuing education credits. The sessions will be repeated to maximum training opportunities.

Training sessions include:
• Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning and Handling;
• Starting System Maintenance and Diagnostics;
• Filtration system Selection and Maintenance;
• Fastener Maintenance and Identification;
• Cooling System Maintenance;
• Commercial Tire Inflation and Monitoring Systems; and
• Lubricant and Sealants.

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