Peterbilt introduced its Medium Duty Hybrid Demonstration Tour, designed to provide existing and prospective customers in the United States and Canada the ability to test drive and evaluate the new 2009 Peterbilt Medium Duty Hybrid Models.

Hybrid vehicles currently scheduled on tour are the Hybrid Electric Model 330 and Model 335 for applications such as utility, pickup and delivery and dump truck users.

"The Hybrid Demonstration Tour will allow customers to experience the excellent performance and ease of operation of our new Hybrid Medium Duty Vehicles," said Bill Jackson, Peterbilt General Manager and Paccar Vice President. "These vehicles provide dramatic fuel savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the advanced hybrid technology."

The Class 7 Model 335 Hybrid Electric uses components that provide up to a 50 percent improvement in fuel efficiency when configured for a utility application. These fuel savings are realized through both an on-road fuel economy gain, and an 80 percent reduction in engine idling, through electric operation of the Power Take-Off (PTO) using the on-board lithium-ion batteries.

The Class 6 Model 330 Hybrid Electric features the integration of the Eaton Hybrid Drive System and the 260-horsepower Paccar PX-6 engine which delivers up to 860 pounds-feet of torque. Launching the vehicle electrically in an urban driving cycle can easily achieve fuel economy benefits in excess of 30 percent.

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