Toledo-based Roemer Insurance announced a contest celebrating National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (August 24-30) and targeting the computer-savvy trucker.

"Insure My Rig, the small fleet division of Roemer Insurance, was built on the assumption that the computer-savvy trucker would prosper during challenging times and thus be an ideal client," said Rocky Roemer, president and CEO. "A few years ago, people laughed at the notion of 'computer-savvy truckers,' but today's trend toward using technology in trucking validates our original premise."

Truck drivers are asked to send an e-mail or submit a short video (no more than three minutes) describing the different ways they use technology to buy the least expensive fuel, pull the highest paying loads, run the fewest miles empty, and maintain equipment in the highest possible peak of good condition.

The contest started on Aug. 1 and runs through Aug. 24. The best and most creative answer will be chosen as the winner, and the winner will be awarded a Dell XPS 1530 laptop computer valued at $1,299. The second place winner will be given $500 worth of fuel. Three third place prizes of $100 worth of fuel will be awarded.

The winner will be chosen and notified during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Aug. 24-30. The winning video will be posted on YouTube and other social media websites.

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