Bosch Rexroth has opened a new Tech Center East in Rochester Hills, Mich, to work on hydraulic hybrid systems and other new technologies.

The facility will house 120 workers and bring together technical personnel from the company's hydraulics, pneumatics, electric drives, and linear motion and assembly technologies groups.

Tech Center East is deeply involved in the development of the hydraulic hybrid systems that are being tested to conserve energy and reduce the environmental impact of vehicles. The facility plays a major role in the development of Bosch Rexroth's hydraulic regenerative braking system. It will focus on the most advanced hydraulics application, such as hydraulic hybrid vehicle technology, compact construction machinery, hybrid hydraulic drives, alternate energy, and off-shore marine applications.

The event included displays of state-of-the-art drive, motion, and control concepts and systems designed and developed at the center.

"Tech Center East will define market requirements, prototype important concepts, develop testing facilities, and coordinate product testing," explained Berend Bracht, president and CEO of Bosch Rexroth Corp. in North America.. "It is modeled on our Tech Center West, where we have tailored automation solutions for the semiconductor industry, solar applications and medical technology."