With victories in Ohio and Pennsylvania, two-thirds of UPS Freight workers have signed authorization cards to become Teamsters, announced Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa.

The number of UPS Freight workers who are seeking to join the Teamsters is about 8,400 since January 16, according to the union.
"This milestone is especially gratifying given the years of struggle many of these workers have endured to be able to join the Teamsters," Hoffa said. "We look forward to many more victories in the coming weeks."
Hoffa is referring to when UPS Freight was Overnite Transportation, which was vehemently anti-union and managed to prevail after a bitter two-year strike.
The latest victories came in Ohio and Pennsylvania when 230 workers at those UPS Freight terminals signed cards. The workers are seeking to join Local 585 in Pittsburgh and Local 24 in Richfield, Ohio.
In addition to these workers, a majority of UPS Freight workers in West Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Indiana, California, Florida, Arkansas, South Carolina, Texas, Illinois, Tennessee Arizona, New York, Kentucky and New England, including the large cities of Baltimore, Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, Nashville, San Antonio, Cleveland, Atlanta, Houston, San Diego, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Orlando, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Oakland, Seattle, Memphis, Detroit and Washington, D.C., have submitted cards to become Teamsters.