Sirius Satellite Radio's Road Dog Trucking Radio has announced its first ever Road Dog Awards and is looking for photos of drivers in the fun categories below.

Rust Never Sleeps: Think your truck is the rustiest, dustiest, cruddiest rig on the road? If so, we want to see it!
Arkansas Chrome Got Me Home: Send us a picture of your duct tape handiwork and we'll judge it on difficulty of repair, stability of design and amount of duct tape used.
Twisted Team: If you and your co-driver are an odder couple than Oscar and Felix, send us your picture: You could be the twisted teammates we seek!
Wicked Whiskers: If you've got some radical facial hair, we want to see it! Entries will be judged on the ability of the supplied photo to scare a small child.
Family Tradition: Did you learn to drive sitting on your Pap's knee? As a tyke, did your grandfather let you take the tractor out on the North 40? If trucking is in your family's DNA, send us a picture of yourself with your rig-rockin' relatives. Nominees must have more than one trucker in the family.
Just Call Me Fido: Does your pet look like you? Entrants must be photographed with their pet and will be judged on facial similarities, body type similarities and unique physical traits.
Deadline for entries is March 3. Photo entries should be emailed to Finalists will be posted on and site visitors will be asked to vote on the winners. The winners of The Road Dog Awards will be announced at the Sirius booth at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., March 29 on a special edition of "Freewheelin' with Meredith Ochs and Chris T."
Road Dog Trucking Radio is located on Sirius channel 147.