Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics (PPD), creators of a sleep apnea detection and treatment program targeted toward the commercial vehicle industry, has entered into a strategic alliance with Avastra Sleep Centers Ltd.,
which bills itself as the second largest sleep diagnostic medical group in the nation.
The agreement will greatly expand PPD's network of diagnostic labs and enable the company to better serve its growing list of trucking company customers.
"This strategic alliance with Avastra will allow PPD to provide its sleep apnea testing, education, equipment and support services for trucking companies and their drivers in more locations," said Dr. Mark B. Berger, MD and president of Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics. "PPD will continue to use its existing network of accredited independent labs in Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Chicago and Monroeville, Pa. Our new alliance with Avastra means that we and our customers will have the flexibility to use facilities all over the country."
Avastra Sleep Centers offers 33 separate diagnostic sleep centers in 13 different states. Within the past year, Avastra has acquired six sleep diagnostic companies, including Pacific Sleep Medicine in the West, somniSleep Group in the Midwest, and various sleep diagnostic operations in Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City and Phoenix, as well as upstate New York and the west coast of Florida.
Headquartered in Houston, PPD's patent-pending programs allow administration of employer-driven sleep apnea programs that include web-based screening tools, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of this highly prevalent condition. For more information go to