Mississippi-based KLLM Transport Services Inc. has announced a new per diem allowance program available to OTR, regional and dedicated company drivers. The new per diem program is KLLM's response to requests
and opinions submitted through the company's driver suggestion line.
Jim Richards, chief operating officer at KLLM, reviews driver suggestions each week. "We'd been receiving numerous suggestions about per diem pay," Richards said. "So, we worked very closely with the IRS and our accounting audit group to increase drivers' take home pay."
With per diem, the IRS allows a portion of a driver's pay to be reclassified as non-taxable to help offset "road living expenses" incurred away from home. For each travel day worked, $52 of gross earnings may be reclassified as non-taxable, per diem. Drivers still receive all of their earnings, but their taxable income is lowered. With fewer taxes to pay out, drivers' take-home pay increases.
However, before putting the new per diem allowance program into effect, KLLM sought the opinion of their drivers once more. Richards addresses the KLLM driving force in a weekly operations message that drivers can access through a toll-free 800 number each Friday. Starting last December, Richards talked about the details of the per diem program each week.
"We were able to make adjustments before the program actually began, based on drivers' suggestions," Richards said. "Because we discovered not everyone wanted to participate, we made the per diem allowance optional."
The new program went into effect on Feb. 5.
For more than 40 years, KLLM Transport Services has delivered perishable commodities and dry goods to its customers. KLLM offers temperature-controlled and dry van services throughout the 48 contiguous states and Mexico. To learn more about KLLM, call (866) 874-5556 or visit www.kllm.com.