Cleantechnics International Inc. has announces that Waste Industries USA Inc., has chosen its bypass oil filtration system to begin to outfit its fleet of heavy trucks.
Waste Industries has begun to install the CTI
filters on its fleet in Garner, N.C., and will expand the program over time throughout the fleet, eventually outfitting several hundred pieces of equipment. Cleantechnics claims the outfitted equipment will experience dramatically extended filter change intervals and increased engine durability, which will in turn provide significant cost savings.
Cleantechnics CEO Bruce Thomas said, "Waste Industries is a forward-looking company, and we're gratified that they've chosen our product to help reach their goals of reduced waste and operating costs. The company is also a leader in the field, and we hope that its decision will inspire other operators of heavy trucks, heavy equipment and over-the-road trucks to seek us out for more information on how our bypass filtration systems can help them reach their goals."
"The CTI filtration system was ideal for our situation," said David Peck, fleet manager for Waste Industries. "We were seeking a way to reduce our carbon footprint in keeping with our corporate philosophy, but we also wanted to reduce our fleet's operating costs. With Cleantechnics says that 10 years and more than a thousand applications in the field have shown that CTI filters dramatically extend filter change intervals which, in turn, reduces driver and equipment down time, minimizes oil waste and waste filters, extends engine life, improves gas efficiency, reduces air pollution and, ultimately, saves thousands of dollars for its users while complying with EPA standards.
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