Oshkosh Truck Corp., which designs, manufactures and markets specialty access equipment, commercial, fire, emergency and military vehicles and vehicle bodies, has received a shareholders' vote of approval
to change the company's name to Oshkosh Corp.
"The new name more appropriately reflects the company's diverse product lines, and establishes Oshkosh as the parent brand of well-established, market leading brands in our Access Equipment, Defense, Fire & Emergency, and Commercial segments," said Robert G. Bohn, Oshkosh Corp. chairman and chief executive officer. "The Oshkosh Corp. name still retains our remarkable history, but also allows room for growth and diversification of our products on a global scale."
Approved during the annual shareholders meeting held in Appleton, Wis., the name change will not affect the company's NYSE stock ticker symbol, nor does it signal any changes in the management or policies of Oshkosh or its board of directors.