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HDT Talks Trucking

Go behind the scenes with the industry’s most seasoned trucking reporters as they bring you expert insights and interview industry professionals.

Special Report: Robotic Trucking, the Waymo Way

Vijaysai (Vijay) Patnaik helped start and is now the Product Lead for Waymo’s self-driving trucks program. He says he’s confident the company will be able to safely and responsibly deploy this technology on public roads. Since Waymo began work on autonomous cars more than a decade ago, the company’s cars and trucks have logged more than 20 million real-world miles plus 15 billion more miles in computer simulations. Vijay explains some of the intricacies of the autonomy that controls the trucks and how it interacts with other road users. He talks about how the autonomy handles some unique situations, and how public perceptions of the technology are changing for the better.

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