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  • April 6, 2021

Season 6 Episode 2 Are Two AI Trucks Twice as Good as One?

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Autonomous truck teaching and testing is in full swing now, with close to a dozen companies in the game right now. One company, Locomation, says it can commercialize the technology faster by letting human drivers do some of the heavy lifting, while smoothing out the learning curve for the AI system. This, according to Locomation's co-founder and CEO, Dr. Çetin Meriçli, will more quickly transition the company from a research entity to a profitable business. Dr. Meriçli explains why his company is taking a different approach to AI development and how he sees the technology eventually coming to market.


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Season 6

  • April 6, 2021

Season 6 Episode 1 Aftertreatment Maintenance from A-Z

After nearly 15 years aftertreatment systems continue to cause heartburn among maintenance technicians and fleet managers. Steve Hoke and Steve "Junior" Stratton of Diesel Emissions Service in Redding, California help make sense of the systems, explain what can go wrong with them, and reveal how to look after them.

  • April 3, 2021

HDT Talks Trucking Season 6 Trailer

Season 6 of HDT Talks Trucking digs into bunch of hot-button issues, from aftertreatment system maintenance to managing litigation costs resulting from accidents. We also dig into the new Hours of Service rules, automated trucks, electric trucks, and we add a dose of politics for a little spice.