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Behind the News: A New Type of Engine?

Get insights behind the the top trucking news from April 2022 with HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge, Managing Editor Vesna Brajkovic and Equipment Editor Jim Park on this episode of HDT Talks Trucking.

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🎙 Today's topics include:

  • Achates Power developing an opposed-piston diesel engine that meets CARB's 2027 emissions regulations
  • Walmart's driver pay raises and private fleet development program

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2022 Season

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A Different Approach to Autonomous Trucks: Talking with Plus [podcast]

Plus Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Shawn Kerrigan talks to HDT Senior Contributing Editor about the pathway his company has followed and how he sees the future of autonomous technology in trucking evolving.

One Man’s Fight to Address Challenges Facing FedEx Ground Contractors [Podcast]

HDT’s Deborah Lockridge talks to fellow fleet editor Chris Brown, who’s been covering the largest FedEx Ground contractor in the United States — and the criticism that led to the contract's cancellation.

Are Your Brakes Ready for CVSA's Brake Safety Week? [Podcast]

CVSA’s Will Schaefer and HDT’s Jim Park dig into the reasons for the fairly consistent brake out-of-service rates and how inspectors manage to uncover brake defects that seen to elude drivers and technicians.

Behind the News: The Broader Impact of California’s AB5 [Podcast]

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Behind the News: The End of the Owner-Operator Model in California? [Podcast]

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Meet Cummins' New Natural Gas Truck Engine [Podcast]

Cummins is betting its new X15N 15-liter natural gas engine is going to change the market for natural-gas-powered trucks. HDT's Jim Park has more from ACT Expo in this HDT Talks Trucking podcast.

The Future of Fuel & Driver Satisfaction: View from the Truck Stop [Podcast]

Just what would it take for a truck stop to offer charging for long-haul electric trucks? We talk to Delia Meier of the Iowa 80 Group and CAT Scale to get the truck-stop view on that and on driver satisfaction.

HDT's Editors Talk Clean-Truck Trends from ACT Expo [Podcast]

What are the latest trends in the push to decarbonize the trucking industry? Is electrification the answer? HDT's editors share what they learned at ACT Expo in this episode of HDT Talks Trucking.

Successful Strategies For Post-Pandemic Driver Recruiting

Are your recruiting and retention teams keeping up with the changing truck driver job market? Learn more in this episode of HDT Talks Trucking's Leadership Insights interview.

Battery-Electric Isn't the Only Pathway to Zero-Emissions Trucks

Battery-electric is not the only option on the road to zero-emissions trucks. Jim Park and John Zelasko of FEV North America explore the powertrain technologies likely to power tomorrow's fleets.

Using Data in Setting Fleet Sustainability Goals

Trucking fleets face more and more pressures to create strong sustainability goals. But how do you figure out the right goals for your operations?

The Diesel Engine at 125 Years: Still Going Strong and Getting Even Cleaner

Allen Schaeffer of the Diesel Technology Forum and HDT’s Jim Park tip their hats to the creator of the diesel engine and examine the new EPA proposal that will bring his engine even closer to zero emissions in this audio podcast episode of HDT Talks Trucking.

Get Ready for Wireless Electronic Truck Inspections

Wireless electronic truck inspections could revolutionize the harvesting of data from commercial vehicles. But there’s infrastructure to consider, and cost, and fleet sensitivity to sharing proprietary data. Steve Vaughn of PrePass shares his thoughts on what this could mean for the industry in this audio podcast episode of HDT's Leadership Insights.

Smart Fuel-Buying Tips for Fleets

With diesel prices at or near record highs, HDT Talks Trucking shares tips from fuel-buying expert Glen Sokolis about how fleets can save money beyond better fuel mileage.

HDT Leadership Insights featuring Thermo King, Part 2: Standardizing Emerging TRU Technologies

Matt Srnec, Thermo King’s lead electrical systems engineer, discusses benefits and barriers to standardizing electric TRU and e-PTO technology, and the efforts underway to standardize to those technologies, in this audio Leadership Insights podcast.

Top Trucking News Stories of February 2022

Get updates and insights on the top trucking news from February 2022 with HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge and Managing Editor Vesna Brajkovic on this episode of HDT Talks Trucking.

Are ELDs Responsible for Higher Crash Rates and More Risky Driving?

A University of Arkansas study suggests electronic logging devices may be responsible for increases in risky driving behavior and crashes among single truck owner-operators and small fleets. Andrew Balthrop of Sam M. Walton College of Business has the details on this episode of HDT Talks Trucking.

Top Trucking News Stories of January 2022

Get updates and insights on the top trucking news from January 2022 with HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge and Managing Editor Vesna Brajkovic on this episode of HDT Talks Trucking.

How Can We Prevent Another Lakewood Colorado Crash?

It would be easy to argue that the Lakewood, Colorado, crash was entirely the fault of the driver. My guest, former fleet manager and safety advocate Brendan Dawson, says the carrier and the broker he was working for at the time should also be culpable for not ensuring the driver was trained in mountain driving.

Leadership Insights feat. Thermo King: The Pathway to TRU Electrification

Paul Kroes, the strategic insights leader at Thermo King, describes the challenges industry faces in bringing electric transportation refrigeration units to our highways.

Top Trucking News Stories of December 2021

Get updates and insights on the top trucking news from December 2021 with HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge and Managing Editor Vesna Brajkovic on this episode of HDT Talks Trucking.

Using Data in Setting Fleet Sustainability Goals

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