One20 announced suddenly that it would no longer be supporting its ELD solutions on June 18. 
 -  Image via One20

One20 announced suddenly that it would no longer be supporting its ELD solutions on June 18.

Image via One20

Electronic logging device provider One20 announced suddenly that it would stop supporting its ELD apps and cease operations on June 18.

In a brief message on its website, One20 said its apps, One20 Maps, One20, and One20 F-ELD will not continue to work and the company will not be doing any further updates or offering any support.

"We launched ONE20 Inc. in 2015 as a way for drivers to get access to the tools they need to do what they do, without spending an arm and leg. We gave it our best shot," it notes. "We wish it wasn’t true but sometimes you win and sometimes you take one on the nose."

One20 was started by Christian Schenk in 2017, as a membership service for drivers that aimed to offer product discounts, truckstop reviews, electronic logs and other services.

Other One20 Offerings Consolidated into TruckThat Holdings

On May 17, an announcement went out that TruckThat Holdings would acquire several related entities the One20 membership, effectively combining what was previously six separate entities. The acquisition included Online Tire MN (operating as ONE20 Tire), One20 BNK, One20 Strong, One20 Trucking, CLS Developments, and TruckThat.

A small group of strategic and influential market participants, to be named at a later date, have made investments in the new group and have future plans for more consolidation.

“TruckThat has spent the last two years building one of the largest-ever driver communities – the members are invaluable,” said Christian Schenk, TruckThat Holdings founder and CEO. “From the very beginning, the goal has been to give America’s truckers a voice. It’s easy to ignore one, but you cannot ignore the entire group. Drivers want respect, fair business dealings and cost savings while on the road. TruckThat Holdings will now be able to offer these exclusive benefits and savings that are long overdue to drivers.”

But not, apparently, ELDs.

Other ELD Providers Offer Transition Assistance

In response to the abrupt departure, several other ELD providers are offering to help abandoned One20 ELD customers transition to a new system.

GeoSpace Labs says it is hearing reports from the field that the ONE20 devices already are locking up. It is offering fleets that transition from One20 the same pricing as owner-operators, the ELD hardware at $199, and  will allow fleets to use its Pro service for a year with no monthly fee. 

ELD Solutions says One20 customers can use their existing One20 hardware with the ELD Solutions HOS system and will offer a discount on the monthly fee.

Big Road stated that it will offer fast onboarding to One20 ELD customers and relieve some of the contract cancellation costs.

Gorilla Safety is offering a free ELD subscription through the end of 2019 with the purchase of the ELD hardware. Former F-ELD users simply need to provide proof of their F-ELD purchase, and Gorilla Safety’s Prime8 ELD service will be free to qualifying fleets and owner-operators.

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