Photo via ERoad

Photo via ERoad

With 2017 in the rear view mirror, we look back at the most popular feature articles of the past year on

1. 14 Things You Need to Know Before ELDs Become Mandatory

With paper logbooks being phased out in favor of electronic logging devices by the ELD Mandate, ELDs were the hottest topic of 2017. Fleets had a lot of questions about compliance, and this article hits on 14 of the most important points.  

2. How Disruptive Will Uber Freight be for Trucking?

2017 was also the year that Silicon Valley made a big push into the trucking industry and the car ridesharing service Uber began offering its own freight-matching service for owner-operators and small fleets called Uber Freight.

3. No Tariffs, No Certainty for Truck Tires

When it comes to truck tires, fuel efficiency and cost-per-mile considerations remain priorities, but there are other trends driving the segment as well. But there’s another force at play in the current truck tire market, one some might have thought was settled. Tariffs — and even a lack of tariffs — are creating uncertainty.

4. What Owner-Operators and Small Fleets Need to Know about ELDs

The electronic logging device mandate is a different experience for many owner-operator and small-fleet operators than for their larger fleet counterparts.

5. ELD Certification: What Does it Really Mean?

If you see an announcement that an electronic logging device has been “FMCSA certified” to meet the new mandatory ELD regulations, you might assume that the FMCSA has performed some sort of testing to verify that that the ELD does in fact comply with those regulations. That assumption would be wrong.

6. 10 Things Drivers Do to Get Pulled Over

A longtime state patrol officer offers his real-world observations on the 10 most common reasons that truck drivers get pulled over.

7. The Big and Small of Last Mile Delivery

E-commerce is driving a last-mile delivery boom, with everyone from startup drone makers to big less-than-truckload operations getting in on the business. Part of our Trucking in the 21st Century series.

8. Old Dominion Dominates Data

When you have some 7,000 trucks on the road at any one time, things like winter storms that close Interstate highways have a ripple effect across the network. A high-tech command center helps Old Dominion Freight Line track freight, trucks, and drivers as they move across the country.

9. Is Your Fleet Ready for the New Food Transport Rules?

The deadline has passed to begin complying with the Food and Drug Administration’s new regulations on the safe transport of food. The regulations apply to vehicles, operations, driver training, and records. Is your fleet ready for the new rules?

10. How Truck Drivers Can Eat Healthy on the Road

Life on the road often makes it hard to eat the right foods, but healthy meals are possible if you have the drive.