Photo: Help Inc.

Photo: Help Inc.

Weigh station bypass service provider PrePass and toll management services company Bestpass have partnered to offer a new integrated weigh station and toll management solution.

The agreement provides Bestpass customers a single transponder for bypassing weigh stations and toll payments. Bestpass customers can now enroll their Bestpass transponders into PrePass weigh station bypass system, reducing the need for multiple devices.

“This exclusive agreement between PrePass and Bestpass is about fulfilling part of the mission set out by Bestpass’ parent, the Trucking Association of New York, to make tolling the most manageable it can be, in this case by limiting the number of transponders in a vehicle,” said John Andrews, Bestpass president and CEO.

This new cooperative agreement between PrePass and Bestpass is possible because both services use similar transponders. The transponders use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Electronic toll payments only work with transponders today, because cellular-based mobile app signals can be interrupted or unavailable.

“Using weigh station bypass services saves an average of $8.68 and five minutes each time a truck bypasses a truck weigh station, according to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration study,” said Mark Doughty vice president and chief operating officer of HELP Inc. "With this new offering, fleets selecting Bestpass for their toll payment solution can add the PrePass weigh station bypass service, therefore extending the value of the Bestpass transponder."