MacroPoint has announced a partnership with Eminent Global Logistics, an Oracle PartnerNetwork member, to integrate its load tracking platform with Oracle Transportation Management solutions.

“MacroPoint’s core understanding of our market, its base of carriers, reputation for quality and its commitment to customer service and innovation, make it the right choice for us as an integration partner,” said Mark Kissell, vice president of logistics solutions North America at Eminent Logistics. “The ability of the MacroPoint load tracking solution to provide real time location and status updates fits perfectly with our need to enable OTM to proactively identify problems that impact freight movements.”

Eminent Global Logistics is one of the largest integrators of Oracle Supply Chain Cloud applications in North America, according to MacroPoint. It solves transportation related challenges and helps companies save money and improve service in transportation and logistics.

“EDI communications with carriers tend to be batched and not real time so shippers cannot use that information to effectively manage exceptions when loads are late or off schedule,” said Kissell. “Leveraging the power of MacroPoint within Oracle solutions means not using a generic mapping engine that could provide inaccurate location data, but instead having the ability to look at accurate load status for specific carriers and specific routes in real time.”

Eminent offers a suite of solutions to help large and small customers manage and maximize their investment in Oracle Transportation Management, and works with shippers to enable capabilities like MacroPoint load tracking with their Oracle solutions.

“The need for the MacroPoint load tracking solution in Oracle OTM was driven by shippers that are increasingly requiring that capability,” said Dave Halsema, executive vice president of MacroPoint. “Under this new partnership, we look forward to working with Eminent Global Logistics to enable a valuable integration for customers using the accuracy and capabilities of our freight tracking solution.”