Image via 123Loadboard

Image via 123Loadboard

TMW Systems has integrated its TMW Suite and TruckMate transportation management software with the 123Loadboard freight-matching service.

Users of either TMW platform who also have accounts with 123Loadboard can now post loads or trucks to its online marketplace via TMW’s Freight Board Interface. Through the integration, users will be able to add, update, cancel and remove loads from within either TMS program.

Posted loads auto-populate in 123Loadboard, giving carriers and others using the platform access to many loads in real time. Drivers can post trucks available for use, enabling brokers and asset-based carriers to take advantage of 123Loadboard’s platform.

The 123Loadboard platform posts more than 45.6-million truck loads annually to more than 325,000 carriers, owner-operators, brokers and shippers that use the service. The new integration also works with 123Loadboard’s mobile app versions, allowing its 150,000-plus mobile app users to find more loads while they are on the road.

“This TMW integration will enable 123Loadboard members to post their loads and trucks to the load board quickly and easily using automation to simplify the process,” said Loarn Metzen, vice president, 123Loadboard. “Plus, having immediate access to up-to-date load and truck data will ensure that 123Loadboard’s platform remains efficient while helping brokers and fleet owners move greater freight volumes.”