McLeod Software is releasing version 16.2 of its Loadmaster Enterprise and PowerBroker products, introducing new automation solutions for carriers and brokers.

Version 16.2 introduces a new brokerage Carrier Scorecard module for PowerBroker to provide a comprehensive measurement system for evaluating carrier performance.

The system uses up to 14 key performance indicators to identify, rank, and score each carriers’ performance. The KPIs can be set up with both positive and negative point assignments and be used to compare scores against peers over a specific time period.

In addition to scoring and ranking, McLeod has included a 5-star system for identifying the top and bottom scoring carriers. As part of the Carrier Scorecard Module, a broker rating screen allows customers to setup and capture subjective measurements after the carrier has been dispatched.

The ability to capture subjective feedback during dispatch using these definable prompts provides an opportunity to measure how well carriers are actually performing for a broker. Brokers will use these subjective measures along with the captured objective values as part of an overall carrier score.

New scorecard and rating reports are available within the module and provide ways for brokers to view groups of carriers and their performance against each other. The scorecard reports provide detail, summary and grand total options for specific measures and carrier managers. The broker rating report provides several sorting, grouping, and filtering options to allow users to view carrier subjective scores with order detail information.

Accounts Payable Process Automation and Automated Collections

A new McLeod Logix Solutions Automated Collections module helps carriers and brokers reduce days sales outstanding and improve cash flow. Manual collection processes for past-due invoices require lots of non-value added time and labor to follow up with the collections work. The Logix Solutions Automated Collections gives users the automation to get this work done more efficiently and consistently, in shorter timeframes.

Logix Solutions Automated Collections drives the appropriate activity for collections by organizing communications with the customer based on a defined schedule and the age for delinquent accounts. During this new automated process, “Interactive” outstanding payment summaries are automatically created and emailed to customers. These summaries are presented with the use of interactive electronic forms, and include links to supporting documentation with details of the original invoice and aging status.

Another new best practice solution within the Logix Solutions Business Process Automation suite streamlines the Accounts Payable process. It is designed to reduce time spent auditing AP transactions to avoid late penalty fees and take advantage of early payment discounts with vendors.

Logix Solutions Accounts Payable is designed to improve the AP process by allowing for pre-approval of invoices before entering data into LoadMaster/PowerBroker AP module.

During the approval process, email alerts can be setup to notify the designated approver that a new invoice has arrived in their workflow queue. Using the desktop or mobile application interface, approvers are able to easily approve the invoices. Also, the workflow queue monitoring service can be configured to automatically escalate the work if an invoice has not been processed within a defined time frame.

McLeod IQ Enhancements

McLeod has expanded its business intelligence solution, McLeod IQ, by adding more data elements and dimensions to the analysis framework that is included in the product:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Load Claims
  • Accidents
  • Fuel costs and consumption
  • Payroll expenses

These new dimensions of the analysis framework allow users to expand the elements of their driver scorecards with claim and accident information, keep track of how long it takes to turn prospects into customers, evaluate fuel purchases and MPG, and view payroll expenses in context with productivity.

LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBroker Enhanced Integration Solutions

Version 16.2 brings new mobile communications interfaces with J.J. Keller Business Services, including hours of service and tractor position reporting. This interface retrieves data from J.J. Keller Encompass and Mobile services periodically throughout the day, and updates LoadMaster with the driver hours and tractor positions.

McLeod Software has partnered with inGauge to provide support for McLeod customers to participate in the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) Benchmarking Program. The program is an anonymous cloud-based offering and an extension of the TCA Best Practices Groups that show how truckload carriers stack up in comparison to their peers in the industry.

The inGauge reporting tool now provided by McLeod Software collects general ledger activity as well as GL statistical account information needed for both the 334 element Best Practice Group and the 72 element TCA benchmarking reports, dramatically reducing the labor and time required to be a part of this benchmarking initiative. has been added as a posting service to the McLeod Software Private Notification Network in PowerBroker. Using the FTP interface, users can post loads to the Bulkloads freight board. Non bulk type loads can post to the sister company,

The integration solution with MacroPoint Brokerage Tracking has been enhanced to allow tracking of the outside carrier by ELD/GPS. Once a carrier has been onboarded, and the ELD information is on file, the movement can be tracked with only the carrier’s name and ID within PowerBroker. MacroPoint will then contact the carrier to obtain their preferred tracking method.

The Data Export Interface with MacroPoint automates the export of LoadMaster order and tractor information to MacroPoint to aid shippers in tracking their orders. The export compiles and sends information on actual arrival and departure of stops, unique Mobile Comm events, and calling record updates.

PowerBroker Version 16.2 brings a new integration solution with 10-4 Systems for brokerage tracking. Using the 10-4 Systems interface, brokers can track carrier movements and receive document images that have been captured and uploaded. Any changes to orders regarding date/time, location, and stops are automatically uploaded to 10-4 Systems with no further action required by the dispatcher.

The Data Export Interface with 10-4 Systems automates the export of LoadMaster order and tractor information to 10-4 Systems to aid shippers in tracking their orders. The export compiles and sends information on actual arrival and departure of stops, unique Mobile Comm events, and calling record updates. This information can include Customer, MC/DOT number, Order, Latitude, Longitude, Travel direction, and Stop information based on the type of event record being sent.

The LoadMaster integration with Spireon has been enhanced to include more elements that capture temperature sensor readings within trailers. These updates facilitate temperature monitoring of trailers and storing the complete history within LoadMaster.