Photo: PeopleNet

Photo: PeopleNet

PeopleNet has launched Managed Mobility Solutions as part of its ConnectedFleet Platform, to support customers with a company-owned, personally enabled communications device strategy.

Through a partnership with Samsung Electronics America, the Managed Mobility Solution will be available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Fleets that have COPE drivers who purchase the Galaxy Tab A will be able to deploy proprietary company apps and approved third-party programs on the same device that runs the PeopleNet software.

Partnering with Samsung is part of PeopleNet’s focus on multi-platform accessibility and enterprise mobility management. The compamy said this effort is also demonstrated through PeopleNet’s recently announced ConnectedFleet platform, which allows fleets to subscribe to specific data based on their needs and receive it as published in near real time.

“Through our ConnectedFleet Managed Mobility Solution, we can support all applications a fleet chooses to install while maintaining end-to-end responsibility for our software,” said Tom Fansler, executive vice president, product for PeopleNet. “Given the focus and priority on retaining drivers and giving them the tools they need, this solution gives drivers the flexibility to use the device on their own time, running their own personal applications, while giving companies the confidence that its work and proprietary software won’t be affected.”

Per the company, benefits of the PeopleNet-loaded Samsung tablets include the ability to:

  • Easily manage both business and personal apps running on the device
  • Remotely assist drivers during support cases and troubleshooting
  • Enhance user experience through customizable home-screens
  • Quickly secure and remove an in-cab device

Each device, with or without mobility management service, will be encrypted through the Mobile Device Management technology standard. For more information, click here