Image: Peterbilt

Image: Peterbilt

Peterbilt has added auto-start technology to its SmartAir no-idle system to help keep main and auxiliary batteries charged while running the air conditioning system and using other electronic devices.

The auto-start technology monitors the charges of main and auxiliary batteries while the truck ignition is off. If the charge falls below a certain level, the system will automatically start the truck and run the engine until batteries are sufficiently charged. The system performs safety checks before cranking the engine, and interlocks ensure that the system will not unexpectedly start.

Auto-start is available as a factory-installed, fully integrated option with Model 579s equipped with SmartAir and either a 72- or 80-inch sleeper.

SmartAir has a 7,500 BTU/hour cooling capacity and can operate for up to 10 hours on a single charge. The split-system design is located outside the cab to improve performance and increase under-bunk storage capacity. It is a factory installed option that is integrated into the existing HVAC system that uses existing ducting. The system is controlled through an in-sleeper LCD display.