Photo via McNeilus

Photo via McNeilus

McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing has added the Meridian front loader to the company’s lineup of refuse vehicles.

The 16,800-pound truck has a 14-ton payload and is rated to lift 10,000 pounds. Its design combines lighter-weight materials with a durable construction for commercial and residential applications.

“The Meridian hits the productivity sweet spot our customers need with its reduced body weight, and increased lifting and payload capacities,” said Brad Nelson, president, McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing and Oshkosh Commercial Segment. “It was built by leveraging our proven technology, expertise and most importantly, customer input.”

The Meridian features a clear headframe, underbody hydraulics and an electrical sidewall panel for easier access and serviceability. The hydraulic valves have been moved underneath the body rather than on the headframe to hedge against problems caused by leaks and to provide protection from hot exhaust. The electrical components are protected from heat and refuse debris by an enclosed sidewall panel.

The Meridian is also available with the McNeilus NGEN Tailgate CNG system offered in 60, 75, 90 and 105 DGE capacities.

The truck also includes the McNeilus CODE technology to provide diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities. The CODE system features an integrated “smart” fuse panel, intuitive display, adjustable parameters and features like pre-trip reminders and vehicle status messages.

Other features of the Meridian include:

  • Non-sliding tailgate that means less wear on the tailgate seal and tailgate props that offer easier access between the tailgate and body
  •  Flat body floor design to increase payload capacity and allow for easier access and quicker service of underbody components
  • Largest hopper access door available for easier cleanouts and curbside location for better access
  • Angled mid-post to help channel arm force appropriately, contributing to a stronger body design
  • Excalibre packing cylinders that improve reliability and performance and prevent hydraulic contamination

“We designed the Meridian by listening to our customers who want improved productivity, safety and serviceability, and validated the front loader through rigorous lab and field testing,” said Greg McCarty, McNeilus director of product management. “The Meridian – like all of our vehicles – also comes standard with our expanding network of customer service centers across North America.”