Image Courtesy of PPG

Image Courtesy of PPG 

There’s little doubt that creating a collision repair estimate using the traditional manual method is a laborious process—requiring plenty of paperwork, and a time-consuming effort to locate and price parts as well as keep manuals up to date. That’s why fleet repair operations, independent collision repair facilities and commercial truck dealers are increasingly transitioning to automated, electronic collision estimating to speed the repair process and more quickly settle claims.

Time Savings, Improved Accuracy

According to Doug Orr, manager of the PPG ADJUSTRITE® commercial estimating system, the advantages of using such a program are numerous. “Compared to manual entry, the automated features of an electronic system significantly reduce the time to create an estimate. Equally significant is the improved accuracy that can be achieved, since an electronic system can offer the most up-to-date data on compiled parts and repair information. The PPG AdjustRite system, for example, is continually updating its comprehensive database of parts and fleet repair for over 180 commercial units—including RVs as well.”

Daniel Olson, manager of a large collision truck shop, operated by the Premier Truck Group in Salt Lake City, Utah, switched to an electronic estimating system in 2016. “We’re saving a significant amount of time throughout the repair process, from creating the estimate and technician work orders to managing any required supplements. Having everything in a single database, makes it fast and easy to keep track of the repair and access information quickly. And should I have a question regarding a repair, I can always depend on customer support.”

Olson further pointed out that the procedural logic feature of the PPG AdjustRite system significantly enhances estimate accuracy by automatically taking into account things like overhaul, overlap and add-on parts.

Fast, Efficient Parts Management

Rather than relying on repair manuals that become outdated, an electronic estimating system’s access to the latest parts information can help ensure accuracy. But the PPG AdjustRite system takes parts management one step further. Users can actually source parts, pricing and availability with a few clicks of a button. This unique time- and cost-saving feature is fully customizable allowing users to create their own network of parts suppliers and send order requests electronically.

Easier Claims Management and Subrogation

Once an accurate, professional-looking estimate is completed, the enhanced ability to communicate with all parties involved is another great asset of electronic estimating, especially since independent claims adjusters and insurance companies are increasingly appreciative of what electronic-based estimating has to offer. One version of PPG’s AdjustRite system, for example, addresses the overall commercial insurance claims process from beginning to end, including:

  • Internal and external assignment dispatch
  • Document and image uploads
  • Total loss evaluations
  • Claim file notations
  • Salvage bid requests
  • Loss recovery demands

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“As electronic estimating systems continue to incorporate new features for commercial vehicle repairs, their adoption is sure to grow in the coming years,” says Orr. “One cannot overestimate the value they can bring to fleet managers and commercial repair centers in their pursuit of expediting the repair process and getting damaged vehicles back on the road quickly and cost-effectively.”

Read more about the PPG AdjustRite system, and register for a free trial here.

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