Nissan is dropping production of its commercial vans.

Nissan is dropping production of its commercial vans.

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Nissan will end production of its NV Cargo, Passenger and NV200 vans in the summer of 2021, and concentrate on a new Nissan Business Advantage program for commercial vehicle customers.

The move is part of Nissan's revamping of its commercial vehicle business strategy. Its new “Nissan Business Advantage” initiative will focus on providing a one-stop-shop suite of solutions for customers and bring support to its core product lineup, of which the cargo vans are not a part.

Sales of Nissan vans in the U.S., through established Business Certified Dealers (for NV Cargo and Passenger), will continue through calendar year 2021, or until supply is exhausted.

According to, Nissan sold 18,768 NV200s in the United States last year, and Chevrolet stopped selling its rebadged NV200 – known as the City Express – in 2018. Sales of the larger NV Cargo and NV Passenger van sales were 20,022 in the United States last year. For comparison, Ford sold 153,867 Transits and Chevrolet moved 77,457 units of the Express.

“We're also aligning with our product portfolio,” said Jennifer Moser, director, fleet sales and residual value for Nissan North America. “For example, we have invested heavily in our sedans and small sedans form a strategic standpoint when many of our competitors are walking away from the segment.”

Introduced in 2011, the Nissan NV van was aimed at the high-volume segment dominated by Ford's E-series vans. Other competitors were General Motors' G vans and the Mercedes-made Sprinter van. The NV200 compact van was added to the lineup in 2013, designed to be the “right size” for a growing number of small business owners and fleet operators wanting smaller, more efficient work trucks.

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