Marangoni Retread Reaches Rare Milestone

Photos: Marangoni

Marangoni Tread North America recently announced that an RDG 200 Ringtread Drive retread has past the 500,000-mile mark.

“I was amazed by the mileage we were experiencing,” said Doug Simons, owner of Douglas Simons Trucking, out of Stewart, Tennessee. “Each time we took our measurements, the expected mileage kept increasing.”

The closed shoulder drive tread tires were placed into service by Simons in early December 2015 and removed in July 2020. The tires traveled a total of 500,347 miles and featured LP22.5 Pirelli FH-01 casings that were retreaded by Wilson County Tire in Lebanon, Tennessee.

“Douglas Simons chose to run quality casings with premium retreads and worked to maintain air pressure and alignment. This is a model for all fleets to follow,” said Clif Armstrong, president of Marangoni Tread N.A.

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