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Schneider Adds CSX Indianapolis Ramp to Intermodal Services

Schneider has started offering intermodal services at the CSX Indianapolis ramp, giving shippers in the central/southern Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, and Cincinnati markets a more cost-competitive transportation option to eastern markets, according to the company.

Bulk Intermodal a Hit for Schneider

The intermodal container business has allowed many companies to shift longer-haul freight to rails in the face of tight capacity and a driver shortage. But in recent years, Schneider and a handful of other companies have turned that same concept to the liquid bulk business.

Schneider Teams Up with SkyBitz for Tracking

Schneider, a provider of transportation and logistics services, has teamed up with SkyBitz to implement Schneider’s third-generation trailer and container tracking system.

Schneider Creates App for Company Drivers

Schneider has introduced a new app for called Compass that allows company drivers to view work assignments, scorecards, pay statements and general company information.