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Go behind the scenes with the industry’s most seasoned trucking reporters as they bring you expert insights and interview industry professionals.

Season 4 Episode 2 - Renewable Natural Gas, the Energy Source Nobody's Talking About

The search for cleaner energy sources for transportation has taken trucking in some interesting directions, but one source is often overlooked or even dismissed: renewable natural gas. It's methane gas produced by decomposing organic matter from sources like landfills, dairy farms, and wastewater treatment plants. It can be economically collected and used to power trucks. It's already a source of fuel for many refuse collection fleets. Hugh Donnell of Cummins Westport, maker of the engines that turn this harmful waste gas into motive power, describes the challenges and benefits of wider RNG adoption as a truck fuel. 

Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas 

Cummins Westport 

Waste Management & Renewable Energy

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